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Mar 19, 2021 at 01:04 PM

Linking-Calling DWC Embedded SAC Story from Extenal SAC Tenant


Hi All

We are tying to call SAC Story defined in DWC Embedded SAC Tenant from standalone SAC Tenant, while navigating from Standalone-SAC to DWC-SAC we are being asked to provided DWC Login details, is there any way we can avoid this login screen

Issue regenerate steps1

1)DWC-SAC Tenant->Define SAC Story

2)Standalone SAC Tenant->Define story->use Hyperlink and call above story

3) Run/View Standalone SAC Tenant story->Try to click on hyperlinked object

4) Issue - Asking for DWC-based-SAC Login details

Note - We need to avoid this Login screen rather should be directed to view SAC Story directly