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Mar 17, 2021 at 11:23 AM

Warning Message in C4C customer master based on some conditions

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Dear experts,

I have a query related to displaying warning messages based on certain conditions. Below is the detail:

1) I have created a KUT indicator field in customer master from adaptation.

2) Next, I configured a workflow to set this field to Yes.

a. When value in First Name field before object change is different when compared to value after object change.


b. When value in Last Name field before object change is different when compared to value after object change.

3) I then configured a Modal validation with a rule to trigger a warning message when the Customer_Name_Editable_Indicator is set to Yes.

4) Now, when I edit the First Name / Last Name and save the individual customer, the Customer_Name_Editable_Indicator field is set to Yes based on the workflow.

5) However, it was observed the modal validation does not trigger and warning message is not displayed.

6) If we make any change in the customer after the Customer_Name_Editable_Indicator is set to Yes, the warning message is displayed.

7) Having said the above, please clarify my below queries:

a. What is the reason behind the Modal Validation not getting triggered in the first instance when Customer_Name_Editable_Indicator changes to Yes?

b. We want to explore this requirement through SDK. In this case, if we write the code to trigger warning message on customer based on the condition Customer_Name_Editable_Indicator = Yes, will the code be first executed and then the workflow or is it vice versa? Which one is given first preference – the workflow or the SDK logic.

c. Based on the response to above question, what would be the ideal way to achieve this requirement?

Please refer to the attachments for more clarification.






Vishwas P



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