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Mar 15, 2021 at 02:31 PM

While calling Smart form Print pop up appearing Only one printer not all



I am calling smart forms. While calling FM
control_parameters = gs_control_parameters , I am passing NO_DIALOG = 'X'
output_options = gs_output_options ,I am passing TDDEST = 'Printer Name'

here strange thing is . if i give only one specific printer name.. the below pop up message is coming.
I am sure.. printer names i am giving correctly. and Spool is generating correctly.
but why only one printer. below popup message is coming.I did not understood.

If u have any suggesiton. Plz update me, properties i checked have not seen any difference between
below printer and others. should i ask basis guy to solve the issue.


prineter.jpg (44.8 kB)