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Mar 11, 2021 at 11:23 AM

Intelligent RPA Handle User Decision via Popup


Hi everyone,

I would like to automate a process wherea certain transaction is executed in various clients.

The first step in the execution is always a test run, which will then show a result page.

Then, the attending user should decide, which action comes next. It is either the real execution or the process jumps to the next client.

I want to realise that with the following custom popup, made in Desktop Studio version

My questions are:

- How can I trigger different steps from the choice of the given radio buttons?

- How do I close the popup? In my test case, the "Close Popup" activity does not work.

- How to I make the execution wait for the popup being closed? (It just continues)

- Why does the alert panel look like this when the bot is executed? (Alert box is unlabeled)

Any advise can be helpful!