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Mar 12, 2021 at 02:24 PM

SAP Marketing: Campaign with dynamic target group and delayed follow-up action (after trigger)


I have some very specific question in regards to a campaign setup I'm currently planning:

1. The target group is dynamic - some members who are part of the target group today may not match the selection criteria anymore in some days

2. Some custom action is executed for the target group

3. Some custom trigger is added after the custom action (custom action creates interactions for some of the target group members, those interactions are built with the interaction type used as trigger)

4. In case the interaction was triggered ("Yes"), I want to have two further follow-up actions which will be executed with delay (14 days later) just as you can delay the email sending for the email action

My question now: Let's say the two follow-up actions are executed 14 days later. In 14 days it may be that some of the target group members do not match the selection criteria of the dynamic target group anymore. Will the follow-up actions then be executed for those members as well or will the actions only execute for those who still match the selection criteria?


campaign-flow.png (495.7 kB)