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Mar 16 at 08:53 AM

Smart Data Integration - DB2LogReader (initial + realtime) - Failed Init.


Helle everyone,

currently I face an issue which i can't solve myself. Maybe I will find a solution by posting my challenge.


  • DB2 is connected via DB2LogReader Adapter to XSA using Smart Data Integration
  • Created a replication task which loads one single table
  • Load mode is "intial + realtime" and preserve all

Note: The scenario described above worked pretty fine for about two hours. We captured every single data change coming from the DB2 source system. At one point we truncated the table we had in use for testing directly within DB2. Since then I am no longer able to get a replication task mode "initial + realtime" running although "initial only" works as fine as before.

So the moment I execute the replication task in "initial + realtime" i receive the following error message:

Could not execute 'CALL "DELTA_XXX"."DataWareHouse.Database.Replication ...'
Error: (dberror) [686]: start task error: "DELTA_XXX"."DataWareHouse.Database.Replication Tasks::XXX_DELTA.START_REPLICATION": line 27 col 6 (at pos 1110): [140038] Error executing SQL command in task.;Error executing ALTER_REMOTE_SUBSCRIPTION_QUEUE with command: 'ALTER REMOTE SUBSCRIPTION "DELTA_XXX"."SUB_XXX" QUEUE'. ,exception 71000129: SQLException
exception 71000256: QUEUE: SUB_XXX: Failed to add subscription for remote subscription SUB_XXX[id = 16579466] in remote source XXX_LogReader[id = 14918173]. Error: exception 151050: CDC add subscription failed: RS[XXX_LogReader]: Failed to add the first subscription. Error: Failed to subscribe table ["SCHEMA"."XXX"]. Error: Initialization for replication of database <XXX> has not been done.

Maybe you guys have a working solution for me. Thanks in advance.