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Mar 16, 2021 at 04:00 AM

Ambiguous value for non-root attribute error while running Forecast Automation job


Hi experts,

I am trying to run the forecast automation job at Product- Sales Org level. I created a new masterdata Product Sales org where Product and Sales Org are the root attributes.

The Planning level WKPRODLOCCUST doesn't have Sales Org as Root attribute.

So, when I run the Forecast Automation job, some of the records which have different Time Series analysis output fail with the Ambiguous value for non-root ZTSANALYSIS2 using root PRDID at plan level PA1.WKPRODLOCCUSTCURR in MD PA1PRODUCTSALESORG.

Failed Record:

How can this error be avoided, since I cannot run the time series analysis at Product-Customer level, since it's too detailed and can't be used.




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