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Former Member
Feb 17, 2017 at 04:11 PM

EPMDimensionOverride with OR/AND logic



I would like to use "=EPMDimensionOverride(" for a couple of accounts, that must be filtered by attribute.
So, now my formula looks like:

=EPMDimensionOverride("000","ACCONT",A1 & "AND ATRIBUTE=X"), where
A1 - is a cell with accounts (defined dynamically), that separated via ","

So, logic of my formula works this way - acc1 OR acc2 OR acc3....OR accN OR (accN+1 AND ATRIBUTE=X)

I need this logic - (acc1 OR acc2 OR acc3....OR accN OR accN+1) AND ATRIBUTE=X

Have you any idea how to write this logic and is it possible at all?