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Mar 05, 2021 at 03:00 PM

Personas - WebGUI - //An OnLoad or OnAfterRefresh script was executed.


I tried to do a script recording for WebGUI session, however NONE of my action (e.g. Mouse click, Back, Cancel etc) was recorded in the script. I do notice that every time I try to the recording feature, it automatically inserted the following comment line into the script

//An OnLoad or OnAfterRefresh script was executed.

Here's some additional info:

a) I could Edit the Script manually and Save without issue (I presume that rules out security issue?)

b) I verified that this is a brand new Flavor; and I do NOT see any Scripts tied to to the ONload or OnAfterRefresh event

c) I could perform the exact same recording via Slipstream or Windows GUI without issue

d) I'm using a Personas rel 3.0, SP10