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Mar 10, 2021 at 07:25 AM

How to handle versions, if each environment pointing out to different API url's in SAP CAI


Hi Team,

I'm aware of creating custom versions and pointing it to different environments ( i.e Development, UAT, & Production) in CAI level.

Usually we create versions as follows : Environment - Version

1) Development - V2

2) UAT - V1

3) Production - V1

If we are good enough to move the changes from development to testing then we will create environment as UAT and will point out version 'V1' to it & will assign version 'V2' for Development environment. We will follow above approch if we have same API url's for different environments.

But where we have a requirement having different API calls ( i.e. different api management urls for each environments like Development, UAT, & Production ). In such case how we can handle versions in CAI level.

Do we need to point out each environment to different versions, because we have different API url's for each environment as follows.

Environment - Version

1) Development - V3

2) UAT - V2

3) Production - V1

Could you please share your inputs on this.

Thanks in advance.