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Mar 07, 2021 at 12:43 PM

Do we need transport template company from Dev system to Q *& P* system?


Dear Experts,

I am working for an global template project and right now we are still in template design phase. but we are coming to realization phase soon. So far, we decided to use Dummy ID value instead of real ID to build template company in D* system because we would expect to reuse this company for pilot and roll-out location. but below two question I need your help:

1.Is it possible to copy/transport this template company to real company system with simply replace dummy ID to real one?

2. Do we need to transport this template company to Q* and P * system although this is not needed from business perspective ? From my understanding, this template company will be considered in Transport request, then we are not able to stop its transport.

Thank you so much.