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Mar 10, 2021 at 03:56 AM

SAP Analytics Cloud - Variance Report between dimentions and version


Hello Experts,

I am trying to replicate a BW report. Report structure looks like below:

I am trying to created calculation between dimensions on column and version and date in rows.

Similar to BW setup, we tried to add formulas at the table cell level. Issue is that every time input control on PC or CC or Year changes, formulas stops working.

I tried to use calculated measure, seems like I am not able to get the desired results when with dimensions in rows and column both. Kind of cross cell calculation.

I tried cross calculation, though unable to combine version with account dimensions. All I see is measures (Amount field) from account dimensions under formal.

I have seen this setup in multiple demos from SAP. So I am certain it is possible. Not sure though how to do it.