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Mar 07, 2021 at 10:02 AM

Custom field into Fiori App


Hey everyone,

We have a requirement to add a custom field into Fiori App 'Display Line Items in General Ledger'.
We created a custom field in CFL with the relevant business context (FINS_JOURNAL_ENTRY_ITEM).
I enabled and published it for 'UIs and Reports' (for CDS views) and I can see that CDS view 'I_JournalEntryItemCube' is extended correctly. That means, I can see the custom field in ACDOCA and in the CDS view. But of course it is not filled.

We want to write the value in BSEG-LZBKZ field (also in transaction FBL3N) into this new custom field. My question would be, where and how to write this logic..

1. I cannot see this new field in CFL under 'Data Source Extensions'.. Should we see it here in the field list and then map?

2. Where to include the logic of new field (again in CFL? Or in the CDS view?)