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Mar 07, 2021 at 05:21 AM

S4 HANA Product allocation :Maintain restrictions for part period


Hi All

We are trying to set up the allocation data with S4 HANA 1909 using the Fiori Tile for Manage Product allocation.planning data.

The Product allocation object has been defined to have monthly constraints. However, we need to maintain the constraints only for some months and need to have the other months as without constraints.

However, if we do not maintain a constraint value for the month, the system defaults the value as zero. When a sales order is created for that month, the system does not confirm any quantity since it considers zero to be a valid value and calculates that the customer is eligible for no quantities.

How do we maintain the planning data so that the system bypasses the restriction for specific months ? One way would be to maintain a very high number as the constraint value ( say 999999), but that would show a very high number in the consumption data graphs.

Can you suggest how we can maintain constraint values for specific months where we need the system to consider those months as with no constraints ?

Appreciate your responses.