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Mar 05, 2021 at 09:19 PM

WEBI Formula: Aggregation with where clause/conditional statement

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Good afternoon:

I am trying to get an aggregated count per staff member of constituents who have completed at least one event in three difference categories.

I have three category calculations which are versions of the following

=Count([Program Touchpoints - All].[Subject Identifier] Where ([Program Touchpoints - All].[Form Element Choice ID] InList (25787;25788;25789;25790;25663;25664;25665;25666;25336;25337;25338;25339));Distinct)

I have a summary calculation which adds these three columns

=Sum([Count_Category_1] + [Count_Category_2] + [Count_Category_3])

and a conditional column for rows to include

=Count([Subject Identifier]) Where ([Sum_Category] = 3 in ([Subject Identifier]))

As long as the detail is include, the results are as expected

However, in the the summary output the v_Include value is null.

Without the subject detail, the [Sum_Category] element in the v_Include calculation is returning 35.

Thank you,



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capture2.png (7.2 kB)