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Mar 10, 2021 at 07:50 AM

SAP CAI-Numbers not recognized in Hindi Language


Hi Experts!

I have created an chatbot using SAP Conversational AI, which should be able to respond in English and Hindi languages. It is working as expected in English, but user chat with Hindi language SAP CAI bot is not recognized numbers(ex: emp id: 6).

For more information regarding this issue ,please check the below attachments.


Can you please help me resolve this issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Rajesh Reddy.


english-lang.png (54.3 kB)
hindi-lang.png (37.0 kB)
hindi-lang1.png (38.8 kB)
hindi-lang2.png (32.2 kB)
lang-test.png (21.8 kB)
lang-test2.png (21.4 kB)
tikdi.png (49.3 kB)