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Mar 05, 2021 at 09:04 AM

Delete valuated stock without physical units SAP MM



I have the following problem: In some plants there is valued stock, but there are no physical units of that material. Obviously, it is necessary to eliminate this stock, as it creates distortions in the valuation of the material.

Upon analysis, I think this may be due to these situations:

It is stock in progress: related to transfer orders pending to carry out the merchandise entry movement. In normal situations, to eliminate this stock, if the order is not going to be received, the movements made must be canceled and then marked to delete the lines of the orders involved.

But there is a problem, some orders are old, they are filed with SARA: you cannot mark to delete an archived order (I have tried it), also, you cannot cancel the 351 movement of archived orders (I have also tried it). Can you think of a solution?

It is not current stock. What was done with that stock? I have asked the user, but he does not know how that stock was removed. I have searched the system, and I cannot find movements that explain the physical disappearance of the stock.

I cannot make a 551, as there are no physical units of the material.

It occurs to me that the posting accounts have been changed and the entries have not been made correctly. The only solution I can think of is to modify the valuation of the material from Finance, because I don't see the way to do it from MM. Can you think of another possible solution?

Thanks in advance.