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Mar 05, 2021 at 07:14 AM

SAP Data Services for Updating Records in Salesforce


We have a process that aggregates data from SAP and updating Contact record in SalesForce. Part of the data enrichment is to find an Account record in SFDC and include it in the Contact record.

This process is properly updating Contact in SFDC by using a custom field that is marked as External ID on the Contact object

We are trying to use exact same process to update Account record in SFDC (without having Account ID), by utilizing similar External ID field on Account record, but instead of finding an Account and updating it, it is always trying to create a new record, and because this field is also marked as unique. The Insert operation is failing when Account Record with such value already existing.

Would appiciate any ideas on what may be the reason why it is working as designed for Contacts but not Accounts.