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Issue using Design Studio Prompts in UI5M Mode

Has anyone else encountered this behavior occurring only in UI5m mode? When using tabstrips, if Bex variable prompt screens are opened more than once via open prompt script, on the second execution of the "openPrompts" command, after accepting the prompts, the Analysis Application re-opens prompts and takes the user to the first tab. This occurs using multiple datasources or one and happens regardless of whether the tabstrips contain any components. We have tried upgrading our Dev system to 1.6SP4P1, and the upgrade did not resolve this issue, although it did resolve another prompt-related issues we'd had.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a new Analysis Application
  • Create a 5-tab Tabstrip (contents can be empty)
  • Add a Bex query containing input-read Bex variables as a datasource
  • Add an openPromptDialog command to the "On click" event of the tabstrip
  • Run application (either local or server mode)
  • Click the second tab (from left) in the tabstrip
  • prompt menu should open with success - click "OK" and it should close successfully
  • Click the third tab (from left) in the tabstrip
  • prompt menu will open as expected - click "OK"
  • prompt menu will re-open and tabstrip will return to first tab without any user input to do so.
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