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Mar 04, 2021 at 08:40 AM

Debug MDK app in vs code doesn't update app


Hi guys,

I've created mdk app with the Web IDE so far and tested them after deploying the app to the mobile services. Since this process takes a lot of time I've tried the vs code extension. With the vs code extension I'm able to debug the Rules but when I change pages the app doesn't get updated.

A more detailed description: I've created a custom client in mobile services cockpit. I developed the corresponding app in the web IDE. I deployed the custom client on a ios simulator via the MDKClient. I've exported the app from the web IDE and opened it in vs code. With the vs code extension mobile Development Kit extension I've enabled debugging which is working. Unfortunately, when I make changes on pages (in vs code) the app on the simulator does restart but no changes occur (the Problems output in vs code display only warnings).

Is it possible to change pages with the vs code extension and to see them in a simulator? How would it be done?