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Mar 03, 2021 at 01:54 PM

Setting PO date when creating TAS orders


Hi All


Creating a sales order with a TAS position on it, the system will auto generate a PO this works as it should. Now i need to automatically change the requested date in the PO

Sales order needs to be delivered at 04.04.21, and the PO will get the same date as standard, but i would like to edit this, and set it to 02.04.21. Is this at all possible, and if it can't be done through standard, would it be possible to do it through a user exit maybe. ?

In general i always need TAS order PO to be set to Sales order date - 2 days. In most cases we will book the transport from the vendor to the customer, and need these 2 days to handle this.

I hope someone has a great idea or some input on this.


Jens Olsen