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Mar 04, 2021 at 07:56 AM

Multiple MDK Apps on a device and inter-app navigation


Hi experts,

we are evaluating moving from a Hybrid scenario (with SAP SMP Packager) to a MDK.

Suppose we have multiple MDK Apps installed on our devices (created with the MDK custom client). How is security and inter-app navigation managed ?

Let's say the user start MDK App 1 (some inventory app), log on, and then navigates from this app (via intent) to another MDK App. Does it need to log on again, set a pin code and so on ? Or do the MDK App recognize (from the secure store maybe) the session and bring the user straight into the new app ?

The way it works in Hybrid is you have a Launchpad with all the apps (defined in a file , appConfig.js) and once logged in you can move between the apps.

I understand MDK has no Launchpad at the moment, so we will need to deploy the apps as single Android MDK Custom clients. But of course we want to avoid a nightmare of users logging themselves in every single app.