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Mar 03, 2021 at 11:53 PM

Difference between Product attribute group for Accounts


Hola Experts

I am enabling the product attribute group for the Accounts segmentation model.

But I see that by default the system brings me two different groups for products Product Contact Product

1.- What is the difference between these two groups

2.- in the data source Assigned to Accounts

I only see SAP_CE_IC_COMP_CONT_PRD_REL_IA, which, like for the Contact model, is also obsolete.

And SAP_CE_ACC_PROD_IA_HEAD_KF, which in theory is the new one.

But in none of the assigned data source is there one where you can see the assignment of the fields to the Product attribute group, with the exception of Product Description that I published with SAP_CE_ACC_PROD_IA_HEAD_KF.

3.- Are both groups necessary?


Elio C