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Mar 03, 2021 at 06:17 PM

SAP MDK Offline Store Partial Uploads



I'm implementing partial uploads in my SAP MDK offline application.

I have the following configuration on the offline upload action:

    "ActionResult": {
        "_Name": "upload"
    "ActivityIndicatorText": "Uploading",
    "OnFailure": "(...)",
    "OnSuccess": "(...)",
    "Service": "/mobileapp/Services/MyService.service",
    "ShowActivityIndicator": true,
    "UploadCategories": [
    "_Type": "Action.Type.OfflineOData.Upload"

The problem is that this action is uploading all Categories instead of only the "FinalRequest" one.

The following requests are also being sent to the service.

    "ActivityIndicatorText": "Saving",
    "OnFailure": "(...)",
    "OnSuccess": "(...)",
    "Properties": {
    "RequestOptions": {
        "UnmodifiableRequest": false,
        "UpdateMode": "Replace",
        "UploadCategory": "IncompleteRequest"
    "ShowActivityIndicator": true,
    "Target": {
        "EntitySet": "MyEntity",
        "ReadLink": "{@odata.readLink}",
        "Service": "/mobileapp/Services/MyService.service"
    "_Type": "Action.Type.ODataService.UpdateEntity"

I'm currently using the MDK version that is deployed to the Android Store

Can someone help me configure the partial Uploads?

Thank you.