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Mar 03, 2021 at 06:12 PM

Embedded Component in Customer Invoice request OIF

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I'm attempting to have a working embedded component into the customer invoice request OIF screen.

After repeated attempts to have it working I can't seem to get anywhere. The best attempt I had was the embedded component properly import the Invoice Request ID and its Type.

Both elements compose the Key of a Customer Invoice request, so Both are needed to select from DB.

The Custom business object I defined holds a copy of the Invoice request key

The embedded component correctly imports the ID and the Type of the invoice request, but I'm seemingly unable to use them to select from the Business Object

In the Embedded component, I'm using a read operation from the Business object that has both input parameters as alternative key, and are binded with the corresponding fields of the BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentKey

With the configuration above, nothing is read from the custom BO (note that if I add handle the empty condition and add the step to create a record, I get the error that an instance with the same key already exists).

I also attempted to use a single alternative key option, by binding the Input and the InvoiceRequestID structures directly

But with this option the screen will simply dump.

Unfortunately there are no public outports that offer the UUID of the Customer Invoice Request, but I noticed that an other available outport provides its Root NodeID. I can rebuild the custom bo to use that nodeID as alternatekey if needed, but I'm unsure it would be a unique value way to select effectively.

Can anyone provide some suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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