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Mar 03, 2021 at 03:49 PM

Inspection document not triggered from EWM to CRM


Hi Experts,

Once the user performs an accept decision for a product, the stock type ideally changes to F1 allowing the user to putaway the product to desired bin. But in this case the decision communication from (EWM to ECC) or (CRM to ECC)is not sent thereby leaving the stock in R7. User receives an error message "Transfer postings of stock are not allowed" when they try to putaway.

Due to the above problem, the inspection document is not generating in CRM and it impacts the other processes like GRIR postings in ECC which goes with blank or Null value in the inspection document and leads a wrong result.

We are currently doing a manual workaround, creating the inspection document in CRM based on EWM decisions. This problem affects overall including material inventory update.

So we need a solution how to fix this issue or is there any other way to re-trigger again from EWM or ECC to CRM to create the inspection document instead of Manual intervention immediately instead of delay in the process.

Thanks for letting me your valuable solution.