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Mar 03, 2021 at 08:08 AM

Migration Cockpit - Direct Transfer issue: objects not generated


Good morning everyone,

We have some issues regarding the Direct Transfer options for which we tried the following always for one Company Code containing ~1000 records in the source system:

  1. Created a new project with the Material object with dependents
  2. Created a new project with the Material object without dependents
  3. Created a new project with all migration objects (113)

Our issue is that after the object is being prepared, regardless of the 3 cases, every time we get exactly and the same 39 errors:

Also, in LTMOM we can notice that no Migration Objects are created for these Direct Transfer:

Any ideas what should we try? The RFC connections are working, we tested them via transaction SM59.



39-errors.jpg (223.2 kB)
ltmom.jpg (24.4 kB)