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Mar 01, 2021 at 11:27 AM

Use of Server Group in BO


Hello All,

We have project of consolidating two different BO applications into one. App A BO version (4.2. SP 07)/ App B (4.1 Sp 10)

App B has only WEBI kind of reports and App A had WEBI and AFO reports only ( No dashboards or other kind of reports in the landscape)

App A has different SMPT configured on AJS and App B has different SMPT server configured. (App B reports do not have 'Use default sever Config' checked but have explicitly defined 'from' details in the recurring instances of the report with destination as Email)

App A and App B has unique users and no overlapping Id's.

We are looking at ways on how we can have better approach to differentiate these WEBI reports of App B once they are migrated to App A webi reports in terms of scheduling.

- I understand we can configure only one SMPT details on one AJS.

- We need to create a server group to separate the servers uses for App A reports and App B reports.

My query is that in order to so, we will have to create a new server group - Add AJS/WEBI/ DSL (Which other servers to be added?)

Is it a good practice to create more than one AJS? What are the cons in doing so?

Also, What are the benfits of creating a serveer group?

From the porject point of view, we can have same SMPT to be used for App A and App B reports. Still, should we add server group design?

Kindly adivce.