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Feb 28, 2021 at 07:48 AM

When are we use Post with clearing and Manual clearing ?



As I understand, the clearing has 2 type for converting open items into cleared items.

1. Post with clearing (F-04)

Use when has 1 open document such as open invoice. When paid cheque to vendor, we use "post with clearing" (Dr.vendor, cr.outgoing cheque) to clear that open invoice.

This can be an item which balance is "0" or not.

2. Manual clearing (F-03)

Use when has 2 open document which must select to be cleared together (zero balance) but it can't match by Automatic clearing (F.13)


1. first doc is GR doc and another is IR doc. When we use "Manual clearing", the system will match these 2 documents to clear.

2. Has 2 open doc such as invoice and credit memo open for the same amount for the same vendor.

Is that right ?