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Feb 25, 2021 at 12:36 PM

MDG BP Company Code Custom Table Enhancement



our requirement is to store "custom banking data(into z-table)" into the company code area. So far, so good!

After enhancing the MDG BP comp. code area, by a new z-table, with the help of "SAP How - To Guide: Extend the MDG Business Partner – Node Extension (Reuse Option )" we have several issues.

1) How to get the general banking data at the SAVE_ADDITIONAL_OBJECT method in the Z_ECC_Handler class ?
And why is the field BKVID used in the Data and not in the data_key ? I need the general banking data for BKVID = xxxx

2) We enhanced the UIBB company code area section with a new custom UIBB section(z-table with NEW button) for customer and vendor and did the wiring, as well.

MDG process and entering new entries to the custom table(comp. code section) is working fine for the customer. Everything is stored at the custom z-table

a) By adding the standard UIBB for general banking data into the UIBB company code area section, the button "new"(custom UIBB section) is invisible .

b) The button "new" to entering new data to the custom table(comp. code section) is invisible for the MDG vendor process.

Any ideas what is needed to get the button enabled ?