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Feb 28, 2021 at 10:42 AM

Framework Order in PM order to create automatic SES


Hello ,

I aim searching in the comunity but I do not find the rigth answer on my Query.

My quetion is the following , I have the following scenario by my customer.

We using PM orders for external services (contractors) , now we use the control key PM03 what is ok.

But we have for every operation purchase request who need to be converted to purchase orders.

Afther the purchase order we can do the SES entry. This is a long process and there are a lot of Purchase orders created.

I reed and see that there is the possibility to use a Framework order in the PM operation. When reading the help on this field this look what we need more or less.

The help tell us that whe you use a framework order the purchase order/ request will be automatic created so that you can generate you SES.

Until now , I discover that by using this framework order in the PM operation (External tab) , there are PRQ generated , after that you can use ME58 to convert them so that a SES is generated. Only this is an extra step between I will avoid.

Can someone tell me the correct steps for this process , and also the settings in the system.