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Mar 01, 2021 at 12:39 AM

How Important is SAP Open Text Performance for S4 HANA



we are trying to understand the importance of carrying out performance testing for Open text for SAP S4 HANA ( SAP ECM).

What I understand, SAP ECM is a different system which manages the content/information as documents and supplements to SAP S4 Fiori Applications to enable the business users to read back the history of transactions or any additional information that might help them make decisions to perform day to day operations. All these documents flow from ECM.

My queries,

1 )Is my above understanding with respect to SAP open text is right with respect to the business relevance ?

2) What is the criticality performance for SAP ECM/ Open text for Business operations? does low performance disrupt the day to day operations, if so how ?

3) what all should be considered for performance testing with respect to Open text and SAP S4 HANA flows ?

Thanks, K