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Feb 27, 2021 at 04:14 AM

SAP CAI date format -deployment considering regions


Hi Expert,

I have a case that my chatbot would be using by all over the world customers and I have chat responses with dates. Currently there is no user profile kind of flexibility in chatbot to show message as region specific dynamic format.

So I was thinking to display date format in 27-Feb-2021 format so that any region users can understand this format.

I have tried format "{{formatDate memory.nonformatdate1 'DD-Mon-YYYY'}}" but getting response as "27-2ndn-2021".

Is there any way can we get this displayed with month name format in CAI ( with CAI's script ) without using an extra date conversion API?

Don't you think , will it be a common requirement from all customers who ever using the chatbot?