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Mar 02, 2021 at 08:50 PM

SAP BW on Hana AMDP in Endroutine missing Field in Outtab

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Hi Experts,

currently i am facing the issue that the AMDP script which i implemented on our DEV System could be activated ,

but the Transport to QA - System returns RC8. The current system configuration is "BW on HANA SP10".

Facts :

1. source of transformation is : ODSO - >InfoSource - > ODSO & ADSO ( that means that the infosource provides data into two targets. One of them is an Write Optimized DSO )

2. The Transformation which leads into the WO-DSO has an endroutine containing AMDP - Script.

3. Syntax Check and activation successfully. But the transport to one of follwing systems leads to an RC8

the occuring error is a type missmatch by populating the outtab. espaccialy the chracteristic "REQUEST" is missing.

So far so good. everything sounds reasonable.. and i can understand it.. at least i want to write data into an WO-DSO .. right?..the "REQUEST" should be contained.

My Quetions is : Why was the characteristic "REQUEST" not available in the genereated OUTTAB structure on DEV.

Has anyone an IDEA where i can chack the diffrence ? Tried a lot of things.... regenerated .. deleted & recreated.. all know that game :)

Thanks for any Help