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Mar 02, 2021 at 06:17 AM

Upload/ Assignment of Process Steps to the Business Process and the Documents - SOLDOC, SolMan


We need an information on Upload/ Assignment of Process Steps to the Business Process. How can we do it ? Any better procedure.


  • We are not able to upload T-codes, Fiori T-codes , Config Units etc to the Process steps Original (under Library) directly using template upload.
  • If we Upload BPML till Process steps along with T-codes, Fiori T-codes , Config Units etc. then we are getting Process steps in unorganized way under Library . This is also creating same process steps multiple times.

Question –

  • Can we upload BPML till process steps given that uploaded process steps should be stored at specified Library?
  • Can we assign created Process Steps (under Library) to the Business Process using Template upload?
  • Can we mass upload the documents in SolDoc?

The procedure that we proposed to follow is –

Upload of BPML till Process and Process steps under Library using template upload. Then, manually assignment of Process steps to the Business Process .

  1. We cannot upload T-code, Fiori Tcodes under process step library directly i.e. under Process step originals.
  2. T-codes and Fiori t-codes can be assigned at reference process steps only.