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Mar 01, 2021 at 07:17 PM

Running totals can not be used in a chart?



How do I get a running total in a chart? I have a list of cell phone data used per day over the month. I need a chart that shows the usage over the month accumulating to my billing. Each day of the chart needs to show the previous day plus the new value. Therefor every day will be higher and higher. I can create the formula but when adding it to a chart it says "A print time formula that modifies variables are used in the chart"

Formula 1:

"WhilePrintingRecords; numbervar RunningM1; RunningM1 := RunningM1 + {@MyM1total};"

formula number 1 does not show in the report wizard so you need the next formula.

Formula named "MyRunning" and in there place {@RunningTotalM1}