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Feb 26, 2021 at 08:30 AM

$count=true not forwarded to external OData V2 service call as $inlinecount=allpages


Hello CAP Experts,

I think in CAP stimple things should be kept simple and so I'm try to avoid any additional coding when I just want to proxy an external service. This works fine for normal OData requests including $filter, $select, $top and $skip. But i.e. Fiori elements adds also $count=true to show the number of total results. If in return the value of "@odata.count" is 0, nothing will be displayed. This behaviour was described also by Rufat Gadirov in Fiori Preview of external OData (Northwind) Product Instances not shown. I've provided him a workaround. But as I mentioned that doesn't really solve the isse.

So I now have setup an example where this issue can be reproduced. In my bookshop-demo I've included the external service ZPDCDS_SRV which is provided from the SAP ES5 Gateway System and doesn't require any authentication. The custom handler to call the external service is implemented in srv/admin-service.js#L40:

let result = await

So you see that I simply forward the query that I get from the local request to the external service.

To reproduce the issue you only need to follow the setup instructions in the readme. Especially make sure that you maintain the destinations in default-env.json.

Please set the environment variable:


To get an output of the request sent to the backend.

Then start the project with

cds run

and call the URL http://localhost:4004/admin/SEPMRA_I_Product_E?$format=json&$top=1&$select=Product - you will be asked for a username and password. Just enter admin for the username. The result will be:

  "@odata.context": "$metadata#SEPMRA_I_Product_E(Product)",
  "value": [
      "Product": "HT-1000"

When you now request http://localhost:4004/admin/SEPMRA_I_Product_E?$count=true&$select=Product&$skip=0&$top=30 which is exactly how the Fiori Elements preview app constructs the request, you will get:

  "@odata.context": "$metadata#SEPMRA_I_Product_E(Product)",
  "@odata.count": 0,
  "value": [
      "Product": "HT-1000"

As you can see the value for @odata.count is 0. When you check the log output you will see a line:

path: '/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZPDCDS_SRV/SEPMRA_I_Product_E?$select=Product&$top=30&$orderby=Product%20asc',

That represents the path requested from the backend. And here the $inlinecount=allpages is missing. I would expect that the count=true is transalted into $inlinecount=allpages.

Hope that this issue can be fixed in the CDS runtime or in the SAP Cloud SDK used by CAP.

Best regards