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Feb 24, 2021 at 09:42 PM

Issue in saving CUOBJ instance number in FM CUD0_CONFIGIRATION_TO_DB



I am facing an issue while creating a new instance number using the FM CUD0_CONFIGURATION_TO_DB.

I am developing a z transaction which will use the FM CE_C_PROCESSING to simulate the configuration for KMAT materials and then generate a local instance. This local instance contains characteristics values of class. I am saving this local instance in database using CUD0_CONFIGURATION_TO_DB. But in the new instance number i am able to see only thqe characteristics which has object dependency to set default values. Say if I have 100 characteristics only 70 are visible in IBINVALUES and rest does not exist. I had created a new object ID as ZOBJ to have it as a owner but it does not work.

Is there any prerequisites I am missing here. I request for inputs.

Thanks in advance,