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Feb 22 at 09:03 AM

CDS view to retrieve "ResourceDemand" field.

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Hi Experts,

We would like to know if there is a CDS view to retrieve the following field:


We have seen that the ResourceDemand field is mandatory in the following API:

"Commercial Project - Create, Update" (SAP_COM_0054).


An auto-generated number that identifies a unique resource demand in a work package. The number sequence always begins with 0010 and increases by 1 for every new demand. In the POST, PATCH, and DELETE operations, you can manage information only in the current version (1). Mandatory.

It seems that the field is only available in the following CDS views. However, the CDS views are not released yet.

A_EngmntProjRsceDmnd / Resource Demands / Not Released / CA-CPD-SS

A_EngmntProjRsceDmndDistr / Resource Demand Distribution / Not Released / CA-CPD-SS

A_EngmntProjRsceDmndSkill / Resource Demand Skills / Not Released / CA-CPD-SS

I_EngmntProjRsceDmnd / Resource Demands / Not Released / CA-CPD-SS

I_EngmntProjRsceDmndSkill / Resource Demand Skills/ Not Released / CA-CPD-SS

We do not really know how to consume the API if there is not an option to rescue the ResourceDemand field from a CDS view.

Do you have more information about this subject?

Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards,