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Feb 22, 2021 at 04:29 PM

Bank Accounts Creation S4 Hana Using Fiori URL


fiori-screen-config-bank-accounts.pnghouse-bank-connectivity.pngadditional-data.pngdata-was-not-saved.pngHello Every one,

I am in training mode with online material for S4 Hana Finance, I configured House Banks for Company Code, after this I went to TC FI12 for my company code I created House bank.

To create Bank Accounts and I clicked on “Create Bank Account” in folder Bank Accounts which is taking me to Fiori URL wherein I Need to create bank account.

After I am filling all required data I am not able to save the configurations for Bank Account after filling in General Data Tab, House Bank Activity Tab & Additional Data (Profit Center & Segment).

Can someone please help me on this error, It would be much appreciating.