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Feb 18, 2021 at 07:46 AM

¿What's about Land Use?


Recently, I have finished a nice course of OpenSAP named "Business Success with Climate Action". It have liked me very much, because it's first time I see a global point of view related to sustainability and climate change. It's important, of course, although perhaps this course is some "carbon-centric" and I don't see too many words related to other important parameters as Land Use.

I believe that it is a very important parameter, because there are thousand of tons of CO2 that are poured to the atmosphere only when you plow new lands or, simply, when performing the usual cultivation operations (plowing, fertilize, harvesting, etc).

On the other hand, phenomena such as desertification and desertization of large cultivated areas are closely related to climate change and the management of natural resources.

When will we be able to measure that we are making good use of arable land and moving towards more sustainable agriculture globally?

Thanks in advance: