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Feb 19, 2021 at 11:35 PM

Smart filter with fiscal period selection options in standard Fiori apps


Hello SAP Fiori Finance,

We are looking for posting date time period selection options relating to the fiscal year variant in standard Fiori apps such as Manage Journal Entries. We are using non calendar month fiscal year variant (ie we are using 4-4-5 fiscal year variant). Similar concept to this post ( ) except these selection options used to be available for us in standard Fiori apps. However, these fiscal period selection options disappeared this year and are left calendar month selection options.

We have checked the tables mentioned in SAP OSS note 2268557 and these tables have the right entries. Accordingly to the OSS notes, the CDS views I_FISCALCALENDARDATE, I_FISCALYEARPERIOD etc directly accessed these tables. We still don't see these selection options after we did the balance carry forward and ran the report mentioned in the OSS note again. We are not sure what would cause these selection options to vanish or how to restore these selection options. Anyone using non calendar (ie 4-4-5) fiscal year variant having similar issue this year and know what need to be done to restore these fiscal period selection options?

We are on S/4 1709 and haven't upgraded or changed SAPUI5 since go live.

Smart Filter with Fiscal Annotations


vvj1g.png (68.7 kB)