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Feb 17 at 10:11 AM

Page Breaks



I am using Crystal Reports to generate labels.

The database holds the record details. So Label Content = Name, Size and so on, QtyReq = 3

I am using ReplicateString(x,y) to create output.

I assign product details to a Formula Field (LabelString), then using another Formula(LabelBody) to perform ReplicateString function to create the correct amount of labels.

NumberVar y:={vFM_WORKS_ORDER_COMPONENTS.QuantityRequired};
StringVar x:={@LabelString};

The issue I am experiencing is that the label printer has a fixed label/page size and it sees each Crystal page output as one label.

The solution I believe would work is to specify a Page Break after each loop of the ReplicateString function.

Now my issue is how do I achieve this? Is it even possible?