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Feb 17, 2021 at 06:03 PM

CDS based Open ODS and Calculation Scenario



I want to create a model on BW/4HANA 1.0 SP09 by joining an Open ODS to an aDSO with left outer join. However, the Open ODS can not be added to Composite Provider since it has no calculation scenario.

The Open ODS is based on a CDS view which is sourced from S/4HANA. I defined the data category as #CUBE and extraction enabled as true on CDS view. I created a datasource based on "ODP - ABAP CDS" source system type.

However, "CalcScenario Used" is set to "No" on Open ODS.

I've read several OSS notes and found that 2036430 says:

"For ODP Source Systems, a Calculation Scenario can not be created, only ABAP Runtime is supported."

Does it really mean that CDS views can not be used with a CalcScenario enabled setting?

The other option would be using the generated view of CDS through SDA remote source. However note 2673267
says that: "It is not supported to use the generated SQL view of an ABAP CDS View as source for an Open ODS View or a HANA DataSource."

This doesn't sound normal. Am I missing something here?