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Feb 17, 2017 at 11:50 AM

How to move file from share folder to windows drive folder using ""command before processing


Dear All.

scenario is: file to SFTP.

source file directory is an network share folder, we need to pick it from share folder using File adapter using NFS protocol.

when i maintain my share folder path in file adapter getting an exception like ""directory does not exist".

please note: customer is not allowing to use FTP tool to install in an application sever.

and finally we decided to move the file from share folder to windows drive folder by using "Run operation system command before message processing " some bat file need to maintain in an OS level.

so we used below content in bat file

@echo off 
Copy "S:\New folder\*.*" "C:\New folder\" 
@echo off
Move "S:\New folder\*.*" "S:New folder\Archive\" 

but when start the channel getting an exception like, " Error executing OS command "E:\folder\move.bat" "

but when i execute the dat file separately it's moving a file from share folder to window drive folder.

please suggest .