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Feb 16 at 10:12 AM

SAP Asset Manager Integration with GIS OR GEF


Dear Team,

I am working on SAP Asset Manager 1911 with S/4 HANA 2020

We have a requirement to integrate Asset Manager GEF.

I am not getting a clear picture of what is the difference between integration with GIS and GEF

As the application displays a map with GIS , it shows the list or Orders due or near me . etc

But how the application behaves when it integrates with GEF its not mention in the configuration guide / user guide.

As I understand we can only configure one of them either GIS OR GEF

Can anyone guide me the difference between GIS and GEF and how will it be different if we integrate it with SAP Asset Manager. Feature wise what will be present in GIS integration and what in GEF integration.

Please provide your suggestions.

Looking forward for your support and guidance

Thanks and Regards

Neha Mahanty