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Feb 14, 2021 at 02:34 PM

S/4 Enabler Role Concept - How many Org Levels ?


We recently implemented an enabler role concept in our S/4 system running alongside well defined Job Roles. We implemented this at Company Code level ONLY, which suited Finance processes perfectly. With the potential incoming implementation of Procurement and Sales processes there has been some debate within the program whether to expand our org levels to include Purchase and Sales Orgs, or to stick with the solitary Company Code org level and control some of the processes through other mechanisms where necessary via workflow approvals etc, in order to keep as simple an enabler role concept as possible in our new S/4 world.

I have generally been comfortable with multiple org value contained within singular enabler roles for each area, rather than indidvidual org level sets (where there is consistant geographical/organisational split across the processes) which I think could be applied here but I am getting pushback that these additional org levels will apply complexity and effort to the design.

I would like to know from the community that for those have an enabler role concept in place, especially if you have S/4, have you implemented a singular or multi org level role concept across your process areas ?

And any thoughts as to which of the two options I have laid out above you would choose and why ?