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Feb 16, 2021 at 09:26 AM

BW query variable in hana studio



I am using bw 7.5 sp8 and i have created bw query on top of composite provider using hana studio.For the characteristics filters,i have created variables based on infoobject by using below

1)hana studio-project explorer->rightclick->variable->ztest-manual input,single value based on infoobject A;it doesnot appear on on filter tab when i restrict characteristics

so tried with other method

1)hana studio->query->rightclick->variable->manual,single value,based on infoobject A but again not appeared on filter tab when i restrict characteristics


1)se11->RSZGLOBV table has created variable in A&M version

2)in queries->infoprovider view->drill down-<characteristics value variables-new variable created by above methods appear but when i drag and drop on characteristics filter query throwing error variable doesnot exist or incorrectly used in filters