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SAP Solution Manager to Google drive integration

Hi Team,

When we try integrating via Google drive link the documents open in Solution manager whenever we click on the link.

However , We are looking for ways when we add the link the document gets pulled in from Google drive and saved in Solution manager.

The way , we upload a document to solution manager ,same way let the document come from Google drive and saved in solution manager.

Any advise Team !! will be highly appreciated.


Sourya Prakash

+91 8970119191

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  • Hi Sourya,
    could you try to desribe your request a bit more detailed. I did not understand it.


  • Hi Andreas,

    Thank you very much for your response.

    Recently we have moved to Google from Microsoft. So our documents MS Word , excel etc are not supported anymore.

    Earlier we were loading our specification documents to solution manager in microsoft word / excel format, Now we are looking if we can also load our documents that are their in Google online drive to Solution manager.

    Current possibility we have explored is to add a link where we can open the Google drive document in solution manager , However we need a way so that if Google drive link is provided the document get pulled in from Google Drive to solution manager.

    Does this explain the issue well.


    Sourya Prakash.

  • Andreas Diebold Chaudhury Sourya Prakash Dash

    Hi Sourya
    I still do not really understand what you mean with "get pulled in from Google Drive to solution manager"? I mean your are using a cloud store to store docs in the cloud. Why do you want to pull them into solution manager? To store them where? Do you store the documents with element type Document URL?

    Kind Regards

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