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Feb 18, 2021 at 05:32 AM

Keyfigure Calculation using Time independent Attribute as keyfigure


Hi All

We have a requirement to calculate the Cost of goods sold for Consensus Demand Keyfigure.

The COGS-for-Consensus-demand is at WKPRODLOCCUSTCURR.

The cost-per-unit is an attribute as a keyfigure without any Time Level. It is at PRODLOC level.

The formula I have put for COGS-for-Consensus-demand is:


It has an additional input of ACTUALREV keyfigure which is at WKPRODLOCCUSTCURR.

But this calculation does not give me any results. The keyfigure remains blank. Do I have to use Time dependent attribute as a keyfigure for such calcualtion? According to SAP if the values remain same for a keyfigure for all time periods, it should be defined as a time independent attribute as keyfigure.

Any Ideas how can this work?

Also, I tried to see if the keyfigure calculation for CONSESNSUSDEMANDCOST works otherwise for a simple/common calculation and it does show results.

Thanks in advance :-)